In a Kscript on K1000 version 5.,5, I have a step in a task that uses the "Verify a registry value is,,,": syntax. But the registry value I need to check is the default value, which RegEdit shows as (Default) and a .reg file shows as @. Neither (Default) nor @ seem to work, and neither does simply omitting the name of the value (as I'd do in a custom software inventory item).

How do I do this?                                  Sande
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  • Actually, it's possible that simply omitting the name of the value _is_ working. It just looks so strange. I can't figure out how to show you a screen shot here, but this is what the script line looks like after editing:

    2. Verify that "HKLM32\SOFTWARE\Mozilla\Mozilla Firefox ESR!" is less than "31.0"

    See that nothing follows the ! delimiter that separates the registry key from the entry name?

    Please, can anyone confirm this syntax? Sande
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