how to do a silent install of JRE java 9.0.1 via VK1000 command line

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I come to you all seeking assistance in the matter of installing java 9.0.1 via the VK1000 appliance. So I have created the label and made the deployment package for said program, however I am stuck with this part in the deployment process since writing commands is not my strong suit. this is what I have written so far (msiexec.exe /i jre-9.0.1_windows-x64_bin.exe /quiet). so the software does downloads to the target machine(s) but the command doesn't runs the installer, it just sits there.

I have *tried* to pull the MSI installer from the download but every time that I try to run it, it says some files are missing or broken so I have decided to just let the jre-9.0.1_windows-x64_bin.exe run with the command but nothing happens. If its of any help, we run WIN 7 ENTERPRISE on our machines.

any and all help is much appreciated!

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  • We have had to deal with the Java nightmare for years due to online testing. In most cases, like others have posted, you can run the offline installer download from Java and copy the msi from the AppData folder location. The command line I always use is:
    msiexec.exe /i jre1.8.0_151.msi JU=0 JAVAUPDATE=0 AUTOUPDATECHECK=0 RebootYesNo=No WEB_JAVA=1 /q

    As part of our K1000 script, we kill all browsers and jp2launcher.exe using taskkill , after it installs, a powershell that uninstalls previous versions and to finish it, we disable all java updates by importing registry keys

    I have used this method from psexec, Kaseya, System Center and the K1000, just modifying a couple lines here and here and it has always worked. The MSI will not run by executing it manually, it needs to run silent from a command line or batch file.
    Hope this helps - Bethski 6 years ago

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Posted by: Nico_K 6 years ago
Red Belt
Oracle decided to make our lives harder (or get rid of their software or pay for any install) a few versions back.
To install the .exe you need to have admin rights.
So you need to use scripting to do this since the Managed Installs use the system user to install
The typical installation would be like that jre.exe /s but you can also decide more things here like the install location, if you want the browser plugin etc

  • if I read your reply correctly, your saying I should try to install it as a script in VK1000?

    Pardon my lack of knowledge on this topic since I am new to using the vk1000 appliance and that I just recently started working in the wonderful world of cooperate IT. - adams071 6 years ago
    • correct. This is currently the only way (except you buy the msi or get it anywhere else) - Nico_K 6 years ago
Posted by: anonymous_9363 6 years ago
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You're trying to install an EXE using MSIExec which is for installing MSIs (clue's in the name...)

Either use the EXE (and go without many of the [I believe, required] configuration options that using an MST against an MSI will give you, not the least of which is the ability to turn off the wretched JRE nagging!) or use the MSI.

To get the MSI, run the EXE to the 'Welcome' screen. Then search your drive for a new MSI. JREs have variously been deposited this in %TEMP%, a folder beneath %WinDir%\Sun, a folder in %AppData%, etc. Who knows *where* they're putting it this week but some judicious searching will seek it out. Or you could run ProcMon as the EXE runs and see where it creates the folder and writes the files.

Once you have it, copy the folder and its content somewhere safe. You can then exit from the EXE.

Now, research the use of the deployment.properties nonsense - there's a ton of it here on AppDepl...sorry, IT Ninja.

  • I kinda figured as much since you did say the first piece of the line says msiexec.exe XD to just run the exe in a silent install, I just leave it as (i<file name.exe>/quiet)?

    As for hunting the MSI file for the java JRE 9.0.1 update, ill look in those directories that you mentioned.

    However when I do the same for the java 8 151 update, I was able to find the msi file and copied it before installing the update. But when I clicked on the msi, it screams at me saying that parts of the file is broken or missing. - adams071 6 years ago
    • I had to start the installation before I could get the MSI files. And I found them under C:\Users\%username%\AppData\LocalLow\Oracle\Java\
      I hope that helps. - Mr. EMS 6 years ago
      • well I have done the part that I launch the installer and not hit install and went to the path mentioned above (for java 9.0.1) and the .msi file wasn't there.

        HOWEVER for java 8.151 and doing the above mentioned, I was able to find the .msi file and save it. When I try to run the .msi after closing the java installer, it throws a error message saying that certain files are broken and/or missing.

        It doesn't display what exactly is *missing*, just says its broken with a ok button to close the dialog box. - adams071 6 years ago
Posted by: anonymous_9363 6 years ago
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 it screams at me saying that parts of the file is broken or missing.
...and ProcMon told you that the missing files were...?

  • who is ProcMon? also to clarify what I wrote, when I run the .msi file that I saved after closing the java installer, it shows a dialog box that says stuff is missing or broken. It doesn't specify what is missing, just has the ok button to close the box. - adams071 6 years ago
Posted by: Maidens 6 years ago
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Man VBScab has already provided more than enough information on this subject!

Anyways, the MSI extracts to following location during install -


Using the extracted MSI worked for me, and is no different to all the previous versions, albeit with location where MSI is extracted.

Detailed steps -

-Run exe.
-During installation navigate to extracted directory, as above.
-Copy MSI's before installation finishes.
-Run the MSI on a clean virtual machine, or test device to test MSI install.
-Create MST to include customisation.
-Carry out Package QA.
-Test, Test, Test.

Wonder what Mr Google returns when you enter ProcMon?

  • thanks for the suggestion. The main issue I run into on our machines is that even though I navigate to the folder where everyone suggests and the files aren't there when I run the java 9 installer. Different story with java 8.151 as it does show the files in the same path. At this moment I am finding a needle in a digital haystack with java 9. - adams071 6 years ago
Posted by: anonymous_9363 6 years ago
Red Belt
If you run ProcMon as you run the EXE, it WILL SHOW YOU EXACTLY where the EXE is writing its files

It's really not hard...

  • thanks for letting me know. Also this is my first time ever working with kace since I just recently started with this company. I didn't mean to come off as difficult or anything, just new to it. - adams071 6 years ago
Posted by: anonymous_9363 6 years ago
Red Belt
The Kace element is largely irrelevant in terms of the end goal.

What we generally do is get the installation right and then shoe-horn it into whatever deployment system we're using.
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