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I currently have multiple different KBE's that are used to build different model computers. (Not sure if it matters, but we have to load the KBE's to flash drives as PXE booting will not work in our environment.) I haven't been able to get the KBE's to work for multiple different computers at the same time. I'm not sure I understand what I am doing when I add drivers to the share that loads when booting to the KBE. We have ~25 computer models (All Dell) that we could need to kace at any time. 

I remember hearing at one point that drivers should not have the same name in the KBE driver share. Can someone point me in the right direction to get everything under control in my driver share? Id like to just take my driver feed share and strip out the Ethernet drivers for the KBE, but I don't think that would be doable.

The reason I am asking now is because we have 2 new computers coming into our organization (Dell 7050 and 7480).  I used DoubleDriver on these 2 new computers and the Ethernet driver seems to be the same on these two devices. After adding both in the KBE, I was unable to mount the k2000 shares. <-- This is my real issue, but I think it stems from me not knowing how to manage this share properly. 

I've been at work for 13 hrs. today already, if something needs clarification, I will provide anything I can in the morning.

Here is an example of a file name that has multiples:


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