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In VMWare workstation versions earlier to 10, we can connect to the virtual machines and manage them using vsphere client to the vmware workstation shared machines installed on different machine in the network.

But in version 11 and 12, I am not able to connect to them using vsphere client, can anyone suggest how to do that.

We can connect using workstation but not able to from vsphere client.But we can't install the workstation on multiple machines due to license limit.

Any suggestion, how to rectify this?
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Shall we just assume that you've tried the obvious things like turning off local firewall(s), checked IP configuration(s), etc.?
Answered 08/06/2017 by: VBScab
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  • Yeah I tried, even it is working if I am trying connect from workstation but not with vsphere client.
This is painful...

What do standard network tools tell you? Can you PING them? Tracert, etc.?
Answered 08/07/2017 by: VBScab
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That's it?!? That's the extent of your troubleshooting?!?

You haven't even said if the machines can PING each other. Give up.
Answered 08/08/2017 by: VBScab
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  • The machines are able to ping..and the same machine if I install separate workstation installation, I am able to connect to the ohter network installed workstation shared vms...but not able to with vsphere client...as it is connecting from workstation,it won't be a network issue, it might be a configuration issue with vsphere client.. for testing, I disabled the firewall also completely, but no use..in the same machine I am able to connect to a machine where workstation 8 is installed.but not with 10,11,12..win10 doesn't gets installed on workstation 8.No resolution found related to this in cmware forums also...