We updated our appliance again to keep in compliance with support to find all kinds of irregularities.  We have worked with Kace Techs for a few weeks now with no avail.  Someone suggested that the back-end of the K1000 / OS is not functioning correctly, like email notifications from K1 or Queues.  We upgraded from 6.2 to 6.3 to 6.4 (latest version).  Is there a way I can wipe and reload and import my tickets, queues, SI's, MI's etc.  I'm ok with system setting re configuring if needed.  I'm even willing to redo the queues.  Somethings got to give.  We had similar issues when upgrading to 6.2 from 5.4.
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  • Update:
    Kace support team has fixed our email issues, mostly. The issue in our environment is that we have an Exchange Array setup and the K1000 with update Version: 6.4.120261 doesn't like this. So we are currently forced to point our K1 to 1 Exchange Server which works but doesn't give our redundancy that we would like. Kace is going to look in to that.
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Just got off the phone with them after going back and forth with them for about a week with these same issues.
They said its a back end issue that will not be fixed till sp2 is released. SP2 is expected at the end of feb. They would not do anything more with the issues.
Answered 01/28/2016 by: cbreuer@bscsd.org
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  • Thanks for the info :(
  • My update may help you, maybe.
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Yes, you can get the ISO or OVF from support and restore your backups to it.
Answered 01/28/2016 by: jknox
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  • Important note for wessdf: The backup is version dependent!
    If you have a backup of version 5.5 you can only restore it on that version..
    Kind regards,
    Marco - StockTrader
    • Kinda figured that, no problem for us, but I've been told we cant go back to earlier version, backups were from 6.2 which I was told no longer supported by kace.
      • Hello,

        Try to ask them again: they should provide you a way to restore the backup giving you or the ISO for 6.2 or in other ways.
        Try to propose them to send the backup file if they cannot give you anymore the 6.2 ISO.
        I can agree that that version is no more supported but after the restore of the DB you can proceed again your upgrade path.
        Marco - StockTrader
    • I guess the bigger question is, the new tickets that we've created sinc then. They wouldn't be in those backups and not sure how I would get around that.
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Support just got a new patch when I called them today.
If you call them they should be able to send you the patch to install to fix the issues.
should be called k1_hotfix_6_4_K1_18430_K1_18450_K1_18570_20160129.kbin
Answered 02/03/2016 by: cbreuer@bscsd.org
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