Yesterday I upgraded K1000 to version6.  Before it was very quick but now it has become very slow.

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  • Give it a day or two to upgrade the agents. Maybe that will help. Is it the web interface or some specific sections that are slow?
  • As MacDude indicated, I would give time for the agents to upgrade. Check you Agent Task throughput number to see if it is high.

    We have ours upgraded and haven't noticed any speed concerns.

    How many node are you managing?
  • for the first 2 days of going to version 6 I increased the agent provisioning and inventory frequency and I chose to do this to get the provisioning over and done with and get back to "normal" performance asap.
  • Thank you very much for your precious answers (this was my first post on ITNinja). I will wait next week when all agents will be upgraded. Bye!
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