Hi i am new to this sight so dont be too harsh please, I have been tasked with buying package deployment software by the end of February. We are running Win 7 64 bit on the network PC's and server 2008 R2, all PC's are on the same network and subnet. I need to be able to deploy packages such as (Wizards apprentice, Noddy, office 2010) which save data to the public drive on the server while other programs sit on the local PC. The budget is up to £6000 with support but it has to work and be reasonably easy to use. Any pointers or help in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

P.S. not allowed to use group policy as manger does not like it for deploying programs.

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  • >not allowed to use group policy as manger does not like it for deploying programs
    Translated version:
    "not allowed to use group policy as manager doesn't understand Group Policy deployment."

    Please remove your duplicate post. Thank you.
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We have been using Kace to image and deploy here for 5 years.  It cut the manpower to a third of what we needed with Novell.  It has been easy to use and learn.

Answered 02/06/2014 by: SMal.tmcc
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  • You can get a trial appliance to use for 30 days to evaluate it: https://www.kace.com/land/trial-kace

    I believe there is an education discount available as well. Contact KACE sales for further info: https://www.kace.com/about/contact
  • I looked into Kace but it was too expensive at £9000 to buy and £2500 for the support . i did like the look of it and if it does what it claims it would have been perfect but the school will not pay the price.
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Have a look at PDQ Deploy, there is a free version so you can try it etc. And pro which inculdes support. I think it has a decent price tag as well, so very school friendly.

There is also Local Update Publisher, but opensource and it lacks support.


I think PDQ Deploy would be your best bet, as its simple and it will meet your requirements. Think about the future before you make your choice as well, will you have offsite offices etc that you will need to manage - might need to get SCCM. (Avoid SCCM if you can, its £££ and mainly for enterprise networks with deep pockets).


I think the ESD is the least of your worries, you will need to package at some stage - very steep learning curve! Heaps of info on here though, and many peps that can offer advice.



*I havent used PDQ Deploy before but I have heard good things about it, likewise with KACE. My background is mainly SCCM for ESD.

Answered 02/06/2014 by: rileyz
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  • I have had the trial vervion of this and we could not get it to deploy any programs on to the PCs could have been our lack of knowledge with the DOS switches though.
    • Been on holiday, shout out if you need a hand with this, or if you have questions in general.
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