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Just wondering if anyone has had issues using the offset parameter when calling...eg:  ".../inventory/machines?offset 10" OR ".../inventory/machines?offset 10 limit 5" - it seems to ignores the offset and always returns me the same machine.

I have other operators working - like shaping/sorting. The offset is not being respected.

If it matters, I'm writing this with PowerShell.

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I think the examples are wrong in the API Reference Guide. I was able to get offset to work by setting it in the paging param: ".../api/inventory/machines?paging=offset 10" 

In my tests, I also noticed that "limit" has to go BEFORE "offset" in the paging param: ".../api/inventory/machines?paging=limit 1 offset 10".
Answered 06/26/2018 by: JasonEgg
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