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So it is a black belt you seek! It will be a long difficult journey with great rewards. Or not. See our Reputation System FAQ for details, but the short of it is that most everything you do on ITNinja from posting content, to offering comments, even rating content and comments provided by others, all score you points. Score enough points and the ITNinja Black Belt will be yours! See your profile page for your current points, rank and how many points you need to reach your next belt level.
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  • Inaccuracies (most of the time, you can post a comment to correct an inaccuracy, but in the off case that is not acceptable please do report it to us)
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The ITNinja Point System

ITNinja aims to make sharing content, comments and ratings a bit more fun by implementing a point system to recognize those that make this the valuable resource it is. When you contribute to the site, points are awarded. Accumulating points will help you move up in the ranks among your peers which we hope you'll find entertaining while at the same time helping to provide deserved recognition.

Activity Point Value Max Per Day
Add A Software Deployment Tip +6 100
Create Software Deployment Tip Summary +5 25
Edit Software Deployment Tip Summary +2 20
Post a Blog +10 100
Post a Link +5 100
Add a Comment +2 20
Rate a Blog Post, Software, Tip, Link +1 15
Post Question +5 30
Post Answer to a Question +8 100
Vote on Answer to Question +1 25
Create Answer Summary +5 35
Edit Answer Summary +2 20
Refer a New Member +10 500

To start earning points by referring new members to ITNinja, look for our new badges, refer links and sharing links to Twitter and Facebook in your profile on the new share tab.

The ITNinja Belt System

The ITNinja belt system is intended to provide an at-a-glance look at a member's experience level. Long ago in the martial arts, belts were not so much colors as shades of grey. This was due to the fact that when starting out a student's belt would be white (newbie) and then darken with age which came to convey a level of experience. Since those days colors have grown to be the popular measure of experience and here on the web, color works well for us. While one may argue that someone could do a poor job in martial arts or on ITNinja.com long enough and move up in rank to some level, it is a good show of participation and participation is the most clear measurement of skill level online. By also awarding additional points for highly rated material, we hope that apart from some friendly competition this system also serves as a quick way to judge the experience level of other members with which you may interact.

Points Rank (Beginner) Points Rank (Intermediate) Points Rank (Advanced)
0-44 White
351-405 Blue
1013-1111 Black
45-88 Senior White
406-460 Second Degree Blue (one stripe)
1112-1210 Second Degree Black (1 stripe)
89-131 Yellow
461-516 Third Degree Blue (2 stripes)
1211-1309 Third Degree Black (2 stripes)
132-175 Senior Yellow
517-571 Green
1310-1408 Fourth Degree Black (3 stripes)
176-219 Orange
572-626 Second Degree Green (1 stripe)
1409-1507 Fifth Degree Black (four stripes)
220-264 Senior Orange
627-681 Third Degree Green (2 stripes)
1508-1606 Sixth Degree Black (5 stripes)
265-306 Purple
682-736 Fourth Degree Green (3 stripes)
1607-1705 Seventh Degree Black (6 stripes)
307-350 Senior Purple
737-791 Brown
1706-1804 Eighth Degree Black (7 stripes)
792-847 Second Degree Brown (1 stripe)
1805-1903 Ninth Degree Black (8 stripes)
848-902 Third Degree Brown (2 stripes)
1904-2499 Tenth Degree Black (9 stripes)
903-957 Fourth Degree Brown (3 stripes)
2501+ Red (Grandmaster)
958-1012 Fifth Degree Brown (4 stripes)

Bonus Badges

When reaching significant milestones a "badge" may be awarded, which is itself worth points toward your next belt level.

Title Point Value Description


125 Awarded to those that created a legacy AppDeploy user account (prior to 11/15/2011)

KACE Customer

0 Awarded to those that join a KACE community

KACE Employee

0 Identifies user as an employee (not worth points, assigned by admin only)


25 Posting five approved blogs (how to, article, review, opinion)

Blogger Pro

TBD Posting ten approved blogs

Blogger Ninja

TBD Posted more than twenty five blogs

Blog Star

TBD TBD method of qualifying highly rated blog posts to encourage and reward submission of popular blog


15 Posting five approved links (to downloads, articles, valued external resources)

Linker Pro

TBD Posting ten approved links

Linker Ninja

TBD Posting more than twenty five approved links

Link Star

TBD TBD method of qualifying highly rated link posts to encourage and reward submission of popular links


25 Posting five approved software tips

Tipster Pro

+5 Posting ten approved software tips

Tipster Pro

TBD Posting more than twenty five approved software tips

Tip Star

TBD TBD method of qualifying highly rated tips to encourage and reward submission of popular tips


25 Editing tags on 10 asset (deleting, adding or adding alternative terms for existing tags)


50 Providing content in each of our key content areas shown on profile page (Q&A, Blog, Link, Deployment Tip)

ITNinja FAQ's

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