Raypack for KACE Edition

RayPack - Packaging Solution

RayPack is the tool for packaging or re-packaging of software applications to convert them to the required format for automated deployment to managed devices.

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Components & Competences

Pack´em All

Operate on Industry Standards

RayPack supports industry standard formats such as MSI, MST, MSM or even virtual packages! It integrates seamlessly with market-leading workflow, software deployment and data storage systems.


Declare your Packaging Independence

RayPack eases the pain that usually comes along with bulky vendor software packages by utilizing uniquely elaborated repackaging engines, time-saving trouble-shooting facilities, and intuitive user interface support for advanced procedures. 

Use your Weapon of Choice

Where the native installer technology fails to deliver, we extend the functionality! Unleash RayPack components such as PackRecorder, PackTailor, and PackDesigner for full packaging power. RayPack is easy to learn and fun to master.  

Special RayPack Edition for KACE K1000 Customers

  • Profile Management
  • Get Started Guide & In-App help
  • Command Line Tools
  • Create & edit capture legacy project files
  • Semi-automated exclusion creation
  • Central exclusion list management via settings profiles
  • Edit & create MSI-based packages / projects
  • Create Windows Installer transforms (MST)
  • Visual Designer & Advanced Mode
  • CAB Management
  • Table reference & change tracking
  • Permissions control for files / folders / registry
  • Easy one-click file replacement
  • Text-Changes (supporting regex) at run-time
  • Advanced table manipulations
  • System search
  • Merge Modules (usage + library)
  • Validation against ICE & Windows Logo
  • Error highlighting + suggestions
  • Integrated standard MSI properties / folders / action selector
  • Tailoring and tuning vendor MSI by installer UI interaction
  • Raynet Support via email
  • Raynet Knowledge Base
  • Online-Tutorials

How to get RayPack for KACE

KACE customer:
All KACE K1000 customers are eligible to receive the free RayPack for KACE edition. This is a 1 year subscription license for 1 device per KACE K1000 customer. 

Direct customer registration: You have the possibility to order your one year license directly by using the new web registration. You just have to verify that you are a customer of KACE with your customer data and contract evidence.
To the registration page!

Customer registration via your contact person at Kace: Please contact your local KACE representative to request the license and download information or email/call Kace directly.

Prospective customer:
Not yet a customer, but interested in KACE and the packaging solution RayPack? Contact a Kace Responsive to get a free 21 day trial license of RayPack for KACE!
Get in touch now!​

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Are you interested in special edition upgrade opportunities for KACE customers? Please feel free to contact us via sales@raynet.de