Hi, I have the following job in Boston. If you're interested in hearing more about this opening or know of anyone looking for this type of work please let me know. The job description is under my ssignature.


[align=left]Dan Desjardins[/align]Senior Technical Recruiter

Computer Express, Inc.[/align]301 North Avenue, Wakefield, MA 01880

T: 1.781.246.4477 F: 1.781.246.1434

E: [email=dld@computerexpress.com]dld@computerexpress.com[/email] [/align]W: www.computerexpress.com[/align]Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/daniel-desjardins/0/3b5/349[/align]

WBE Certified / TechServe Alliance Member [/align]

Job Title

End User Technology Senior Engineer

Role Summary

As an individual contributor to the PC Engineering team, serves as subject matter expert in the research, design, and implementation of multiple End User technologies. Participates in ongoing enhancements to the exiting provisioning and systems management of the Windows Desktop environment. Authors and contributes to PC Engineering documentation in support of Engineering Programs. Responsible for the design and implementation of processes to transition newly implemented technologies over to operational support teams. Provides Tier 3 support upon escalation from other IT teams. Maintains global communication with all of Client’s international sites to foster consistency and cooperation within the engineering environment.

Representative duties:

· Technology/process evaluation and recommendation

· Design and implementation of new or enhanced Windows Desktop provisioning & management technologies/solutions

· Design and implementation of Windows Desktop virtualization technologies

· Virtualization and traditional packaging of Desktop software

· GPO & Custom Windows script creation

· Altiris PC Transplant “A2i” template creation

· Tier 3 Escalation Support

· Quality Assurance on software packages and automated PC build system

· Execute project deliverables

· Preparation of detailed documentation for technology/process solutions

Typical Experience:

· Bachelor’s degree or equivalent

· Minimum 5 years related experience

· Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)

· Strong operating system operational knowledge (i.e. Win XP/Win Vista)

· Experience with "wintel" technologies such as Windows 2000, Windows 2003, SQL Server, Active Directory, and other Microsoft products

· Experience implementing infrastructure management tools such as SMS/SCCM, MOM, NetIQ, or equivalent

· Experience delivering infrastructure solutions in secure environments

· Experience implementing Virtual Desktop Infrastructure technologies

· Demonstrated Microsoft Application Virtualization expertise

· Demonstrated Wise Packaging expertise

· Strong analytical, project leadership, decision-making, and communication skills

· Strong writing skills

· Strong operating system operational knowledge (e.g. UNIX/NT)

· Strong networking operational knowledge

· Experience with Active Directory and Group Policies

Technical Skills:

· Strong Windows scripting experience in Batch (.bat), WSH/VBScript, WinBatch (.wbt), Perl (Win32), etc

· 3 years minimum required

· Task automation using scripting languages including: VBSCRIPT, WiseScript (WSE), Batch (DOS/BAT), WinBatch, Powershell, Perl, Autoit/Scriptit, and VBA.

· Strong knowledge of supporting technologies also required:

· Microsoft Office Resource Kit Tools (ORKTools)

· .NET Framework based applications

· Application Isolation technologies such as Altiris Software Virtualization Solution (SVS)

· Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit (ACT) and related technologies such as .LOCAL files.

· Strong knowledge of Microsoft Active Directory (AD) and automation through the Active Directory Scripting Interfaces (ADSI)

· 2 years minimum required

· Strong knowledge of troubleshooting complex problems in Microsoft Windows and related technologies

· 5 years minimum required

· Related technologies include:

· Windows Networking including troubleshooting TCP/IP problems, including DNS, WINS, Hosts files, network sniffing, etc

· “Lockdown” or “Limited User” rights troubleshooting

· Hardware and Driver troubleshooting including experience analyzing Bluescreen data (BSOD) and Memory Crash Dumps (.DMP files)

· Strong software packaging skills in: Legacy InstallShield installation automation, Microsoft Application Virtualization, SMS Installer (.ipf), Wise Install Master/Install System (.wse), and Microsoft Windows Installer (MSI)

· 3 years minimum required

· Strong knowledge and experience with Operating Systems (OS) deployment tools and technologies such as Unattended Installations of Microsoft Windows (unattend.txt), Microsoft System Preparation Tool (Sysprep), Symantec Ghost (or similar tool such as PowerQuest Drive Image, Altiris Deployment Server, etc)

· 3 years minimum required

· Knowledge of additional integrated technologies also preferred

· Windows Automated Installation Kit (WAIK)

· Remote Installation Services (RIS)

· Business Desktop Deployment Solutions Accelerator (BDD)

· Windows Preinstallation Environment (Windows PE/WinPE)

· Rational ClearCase/ClearQuest experience desired

· Remedy Action Request System experience desired

· Strong knowledge of VMware ESX Server, VirtualCenter, Converter, and VMotion desired

· Experience with the VMware Software Development Kits (SDK) also desired