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[font="times new roman"]Apex Systems, a top 10 national recruiting organization with a niche in Information Technology, has a Wise Scripting and Desktop Engineering opportunity on a consulting basis in New Jersey. If you have any interest, please send a Word resume to [email=ewoods@apexsystemsinc.com]ewoods@apexsystemsinc.com[/email] with the best contact information.

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[font="times new roman"]Thanks!! I look forward to potentially working with you!

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[font="times new roman"]Role: Wise Packaging Engineer

[font="times new roman"]Client: enterprise brokerage firm

[font="times new roman"]Location: Jersey Shore, NJ

[font="times new roman"]Length: 6 months with possible extension

[font="times new roman"]Technical Environment: Wise Packaging Studio, SMS/SCCM, Windows, Softgrid/App, Citrix XenApp, XenDesktop, VB Script, C#, Perl, VB.NET, Powershell and/or WinBatch, Terminal Services Server, Ethernet, TCP/IP, DNS, firewalls, load balancing, and DHCP

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[font="times new roman"]Project/Team Dynamics:

[font="times new roman"]The Desktop Engineering Team manages the design, implementation and support of TDA's desktop environment, which includes Windows XP workstations, laptops and Wyse thin client devices. Responsibilities include sizing, ordering of hardware as well as solutions for security, anti-virus, disaster recovery, packaging and operational support. The team is also responsible for acting as technical resources for the other Information Technology teams from a network, operating system, or hardware standpoint and for participation on project teams.

This position primarily assists with the overall design, creation and maintenance of 3rd party and in-house applications. The focus of this position is the overall delivery of application automation solutions.

Essential Functions:

[font="times new roman"]-[font="times new roman"] Working in a large corporate multi-domain/multi-site organization.

[font="times new roman"]-[font="times new roman"] Implementing standards according to the defined Microsoft Windows Logo Standards

[font="times new roman"]-[font="times new roman"] Working with Application virtualization technologies such as Softgrid/App-V as well as desktop virtualization technologies such as Citrix XenApp, XenDesktop.

[font="times new roman"]-[font="times new roman"] Scripting utilizing a variety of languages such as VB Script, C#, Perl, VB.NET, Powershell and/or WinBatch, etc..

[font="times new roman"]-[font="times new roman"] Creating packages for a Terminal Services Server environment that works harmoniously across all Windows desktop platforms.

[font="times new roman"]-[font="times new roman"] Troubleshooting and elevating registry and file system security through MSI in a locked down desktop environment.

[font="times new roman"]-[font="times new roman"] Utilizing networking concepts and technologies including: Ethernet, TCP/IP, DNS, firewalls, load balancing, and DHCP.

[font="times new roman"]-[font="times new roman"] Review and approve application automation requirements

[font="times new roman"]-[font="times new roman"] Create scripted engineered solutions for medium-to-complex issues according to specified requirements and design

[font="times new roman"]-[font="times new roman"] Identify, research, diagnose and escalate (as needed) production problems such as defects, questionable functions, errors, and inconsistencies in systems functions, outputs, and content.

[font="times new roman"]-[font="times new roman"] Troubleshoot medium-to-complex application issues by providing 3rd level support.

[font="times new roman"]-[font="times new roman"] Manage various types of application initiates, upgrades and maintenance activities

[font="times new roman"]-[font="times new roman"] Train and mentor junior Engineers

[font="times new roman"]-[font="times new roman"] Present technology roadmaps to members of technology management as well as business partners

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[font="times new roman"]Requirements:

[font="times new roman"]-[font="times new roman"] 6+ years experience (direct experience, including best practices) in Package Engineering, including knowledge and implementation of Windows Logo standards

[font="times new roman"]-[font="times new roman"] 6+ years packaging applications into MSI packages using Wise Package Studio

[font="times new roman"]-[font="times new roman"] 4+ years deploying applications via SMS/SCCM

[font="times new roman"]Experience in a large corporate multi-domain/multi-site organization.

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[font="times new roman"]Thanks,

[font="times new roman"]Erica Woods

[font="times new roman"]Specialty Recruiter

[font="times new roman"]Apex Systems

[font="times new roman"][email=ewoods@apexsystemsinc.com]ewoods@apexsystemsinc.com[/email]

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