I have the following roles available if you want to try out Auckland, New Zealand.

Technology Consultant~ must have the following qualifications:

~key skills/experience are required with Application Integration tools, ie - SMS Installer / Wise Installer MSI Packaging VB and Scripting Skills, Technical Documentation Skills

~possess a solid understanding of business drivers for technology solutions

~Previous experience in a large corporate multi platform environment with a variety of applications, eg: Unix/Mainframe/ Windows NT.

~Previous experience in a customer service and/or IT support role, with solid experience in 2nd / 3rd level technical support.

~Possess a combination of MCSE, CNE, CCA, CCEA

New Business Development Manager~

Must have knowledge about Linux and Open Source information, not put off by longer sales cycle, dealing with small and medium size companies

Culture is unique, and you are working with a very immature mkt. here in NZ. We are looking for some open source gurus. So if you want a change, want to work for a company that is not process driven, automonous environment then let me know.

Please only serious enquiries..

Email you CVs to me at jobs@momentum.co.nz