I noticed the after creating a reporting using the wizard that I could not edited with SQL. I could only edit using the wizard. The wizard does not allow me to create the report I need from the pre-loaded dropdowns so I was hoping I could create a report that is 90% of what I need by using the wizard and then edit it with SQL.

So, I downloaded MySQL Workbench, connected to the DB and found the REPORT table. Ran   “SELECT * FROM ORG2.REPORT;” (yours maybe ORG1) and found the TITLE AND SQL_COMMAND columns. I then looked for the query I just created using the wizard, in the TITLE column, copied all the text from the SQL_COMMAND column and pasted it into a ‘New SQL’ report in KACE.  Then I was able to edit it to meet my needs. Note: you will lose all the hyperlinks and formatting from the wizard, but you could manually add that logic back in. And test your new query in MySQL Workbench first before saving it in KACE.

Maybe this is common knowledge, but thought I should share since this seems, to me, like something that should be built in to the reporting interface on KACE.