I found a very useful command for quickly removing software from a PC remotely and wanted to share it.



An example of how I just used it:


a user requested that the recently installed program be uninstalled from a select list of PCs.

I created a text file on my c: drive called “UninstallList.txt.” containing the names of the PCs she wanted it removed from.

At Start -> Run I entered wmic

From there I ran the command:


/failfast:on /node:@"c:\UninstallList.txt" product where name="Leadbuilder 2008.1 Monitor" call uninstall /nointeractive


It ran through the list and uninstalled the program from all the PCs.


Done.  No errors.


There may be more effective ways of doing this through SCCM, but I found this to be a quick and simple solution in this case and thought you might find it useful yourselves one day.