Keeping in mind that the site is under constant development, and we just chose this point in time to make it public, we know there is certainly more work to be done to polish what existing features and functionality exists today. When it comes to our software database, there are a couple of big factors that make it a little unwieldy. First off, it is pretty huge. We’ve got over 350,000 tags based on company, software title and software version. Because the database is fed by raw software inventory data, there are some ugly (and simply incorrect) software entries out there that also need attention. We will be improving the database as an ongoing task, both with big changes that correct many entries and with individual updates for more targeted corrections. So, with that said, here is now software tags are intended to work:

Company Tags. These are green in the tag selection results. If you are writing something about a company this is an obvious choice, but even if you are writing about software, say “Office” you may want to tag it with “Microsoft” as well.

Software Title Tags. These are blue in the tag selection results. If you are sharing something about any particular software, this would be the tag to choose. While we do some clean up, you are likely to find many variations of the same software titles in the tag results. Better to choose more than less, but again this is something we will be improving.

Software Version Tags. These are orange in the tag selection results. If you are sharing something that is version specific, we aim to have a major version level tag for all software.

We've also got topic tags that correspond to many popular IT topics on the site (these are in yellow in tag selection results). We've established a starting point here, but please feel free to suggest more tags as you post content and find there is a tag that appears to be missing.

Where we have minor version numbers, we will eventually set these as aliases to the major version number. That way when you view relevant content from the Software page where you are limited to choosing a major version number, you will be able to see any content that is minor version specific exists as tagged.

Because it is possible you may not find a relevant tag, we are currently allowing posts to be made without specifying a tag. However, you should try not to do this. Tags are how people will discover your content and questions so the more relevant tags you use the more exposed it will be to interested members of the community. For now anyway, I’m personally reviewing content as it appears and adding tags as I feel appropriate. You can edit your submissions at any time to add more tags (or to remove any I’ve added on your behalf). So tag away!