Application Packaging Solutions

Atlanta, GA, 30316
United States
Service Provided
A.P.S is your premier solution to remote packaging with a several options for secure connections. This ensures not only producing quality, stable Windows Installer packages, this also ensures the integrity of your environment is protected. The primary products we use are Installshield AdminStudio and Wise Package Studio. We are proficient in your system administration skills utilizing VBScript, Powershell, and PERL knowledge. In addition we are your premier experts in producing quality custom actions. Give us a call to deliver your packaging solutions. We offer an affordable straight forward pricing solution, which includes a per package price based on a three-tier pricing structure. This pricing structure is confirmed through the level of complexity of the package.
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Tools Used
Installshield AdminStudio, Wise Package Studio, VBScript, Powershell, PERL, SMS, Altiris, Marimba, VMWare Server and Workstation, Installwatch, Filemon and Regmon, SourceSafe and Clearcase, Clearquest, and various icon programs.