Speaker Erdal Ozkaya 

Erdal had a very heavy accent made this session a bit hard to hear, but I hope I caught the key points for you here. The goal of the session was to provide some tips and tricks for using Windows InTune


Windows Intune’s UI runs on Sliverlight so any browser supporting Silverlight can be used. iOS?

Intune uses the same code base as WSUS.

Intune is $11 per seat, for one dollar more you can get the full Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP).

Cloud storage offers 20gb and you can buy more if needed.

You can pay for more, but out of the box, there is support for up to five devices per user

You can manage Intune via the website (cloud-only configuration) or SCCM (unified configuration).

Clients check in for policy updates at varying times depending on the platform

Sideloading requires you join a domain, change policy and then obtain and upload a sideloading security key. 

Sideloading (installing outside the Windows Store interactive process) is supported for in-house developed (LOB) applications only. LOB applications must be signed.