I am looking for suitable packaging roles in Canada - no big deal, except would need visa sponsorship.

Around 6 years of experience in Application Packaging/Virtualisation - various tools/technologies with leading blue chips.

Ready to reimburse any employer for each dollar cost incurred in visa sponsorship. Ready to work at any price (ofcourse above minimum wage rates) as I need a job offer to acquire canadian PR. Any price, any location, contract, full time/part time will do for me.

Kindly drop me a line at [email=apac_packager@yahoo.com.sg]apac_packager@yahoo.com.sg[/email] if the above mentioned is acceptable to any employer.

Many canadian employers have showed lot of interest in my CV - however, the visa requirement means that my CV quickly finds itself in the trash.

Hoping to be considered...


apac packager