This release is a huge step forward for your favourite packaging tool. We are extremely excited to introduce PACE Suite 5.3, equipped with features that will enable you to automate many packaging tasks, as well as ensure your packages are safer, cleaner and ready for deployment than ever before, and without that much time spent on reviews and fixing mistakes. The biggest news is our brand new tool Quality Approver that automates package quality control, all the way down to preparing a test report for your packages.

Other highlights of this release:

  • Support of command line. Use your favourite scripts to automate repackaging – the only challenge left is to decide what to do with all the additonal free time you’ve just got!
  • Improved exclusion and import resources, so that it’s easier to have a cleaner capture in the first place and produce reliable packages.
  • Merge Modules integration, with the most common and recent Merge Modules already included into MSI Generator

There are many other things to explore, of course - please read the full release announcement: