This is a script created by Patrick Warme and Corey Serrins of the support team. 

This script was created to convert your post-installation tasks to run via RunOnceEx commands for Windows 7. Our goal is to allow post-installation tasks to survive reboots and help with installers that do not 'wait' properly and interrupt other installations.

The script runs on both Windows 7 Scripted Installs as well as Windows 7 sysprepped image deployments (non-sysprepped images will not work at this time).

You can download it here:


NOTE: This script is for 3.4 and 3.5 only, it does not work for 3.6, which has a new Task Engine


After downloading the file, you will find a README documenting the task, a export of reboot postinstall task that is known to work with this process, as well as a .zip file to upload to the k2 to implement this task.

Here's what you'll need to do:

  1. Set up your Scripted Install or Sysprepped Image with your desired Postinstall Tasks
  2. Create a new Application post install task with a runtime environment set to "K2000 Boot Environment (Windows)"
  3. Attach the zipped file called ""
  4. Use "call runonceex_converter.bat" as the command line.
  5. If one of your postinstall tasks already calls for a reboot, you can use that, import the one provided, or create your own reboot task, but make sure the word "reboot" is in the name. If you create your own, we do recommend the following be in the .bat command since we found this to work best:
    taskkill /f /IM runonce.exe
    shutdown -f -r -t 1
    ping -n 30
  6. Duplicate your reboot commands as many times as you like
  7. Add the PO Converter mid-level task to your deployment. 
  8. Add the reboots where you like as a post install task and save.

This should resolve any issues you experienced with reboots in your post install tasks with the K2000 and Windows 7.

Any feedback or comments would be welcome!


Script was updated to v. 1.5.2 (3/5/2013)
-Scripted installs were not reporting as completed, fixed that in this release.