Update: Added Version 2.0 which includes the new konea path. DOWNLOAD Version 2.0 

Within the K1000 you'll have all your managed installation. If you want to install your software during the deployment within the K2000 during a special task here is how:

  1. Create a K1000 Script which calls all of your software you want to install in a single task (note: you can create different scripts for different K2000 deployment sets)
  2. Call the K1000 script(s) as a postinstall task in your K2000 deployment.
When you create the K1000 scripts take note about the scriptid (see screenshots).

After that you have to create a post install task which calls the script id:

The executable is a autoit script created by myself. You can use and modify it the way you like. 

Screenshots during deployment:
If there is no connection to the K1000 this warning will show until a connection is established.

During the deploy...