Feature: Transform->Generate against allows the quick creation of an mst based on a diff between the current state of the open file (msi or mst) and a base msi.

Feature: Latest cub files from Windows 7 and .NET 4 SDK.

Feature: Import ini files into a component by right clicking a component from the Components view (IniFile table must exist)

Usability: Much faster code in almost all use cases.

Bug Fix: Dropping tables that exist only in a transform won't cause a crash.

Bug Fix: Diffing files where a table has been deleted won't cause a crash.

Bug Fix: Corrected the value for Sunken controls.

Bug Fix: Windows resources are no longer leaked when working with many tabs, and browsing through Validation results.

Bug Fix: The predefined table for MsiShortcutProperty will have the correct column names.

Bug Fix: Various other miscellaneous fixes.

Hope you all continue to find it useful.

Neil Hunt