Although I have not seen it documented anywhere, in looking at the UNATTEND.TXT option to have the system automatically log into the client multiple times, I discovered you may initiate this same situation by editing the registry directly through the creation of an AutoLogonCount value.

The Keys for Autologon may be found in the following key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\Current Version\Winlogon

The values are as follows:

DefaultUserName (REG_SZ) – the account name to use for the automatic logon

DefaultPassword (REG_SZ) – the password for the account specified above (yes, this is in plain text)

DefaultDomainName (REG_SZ) – the domain name to which the account specified above is a member

AutoAdminLogon (REG_SZ) – Setting this to “1” will cause the automatic logon to occur with the above credentials. When done, you would clear these entries and set this back to “0”. But try this…

AutoLogonCount (REG_DWORD) – Set this to the number of times you want the AutoAdminLogon to take place.

The system will logon automatically with the specified credentials and decrement the AutoLogonCount value until it reaches zero. When it reaches zero, both the DefaultPassword and AutoLogonCount values are deleted and the AutoAdminLogon value is set to zero.