i am from Sys Admin Background with 2 yrs exp. but new to application Packaging. My company is using MARIMBA Tool. So I want to know if anybody knows about the scope of Marimba. I have come to know that the scope for App PAckgers is quite good in UK so I want to know is it only for those who are working on WISE or Installshield or is it fine for MARIMBA as well. Becoz my company is pressing to take the profile of App PAckger as a full time becoz they are not willing to outsource this. and ahortly there will be a team of 10-12 people here and we need to do around 3000 packages. so I believe it would take us aroaund 2 yrs and that is a big time for a aperson from Sys Admin Background. So ANy comments or LIGHT on this issue would be helpful as I am a bit concerned about the future of this technology or to be more specific future of marimba tool.