Microsoft Outlook is used for Organization purpose for accessing the emails in daily routine.All of sudden, many Outlook users face a common issue that it hangs or crashes while loading users profile and it stops responding. It starts stuck or froze on loading profile and goes on even after waiting for a long time. It suddenly keeps crashing or hanging at start-up. Due to this issue users become more irritate to access the Outlook profile. It hampers their regular working and creates a hurdle in the continuity of the work-flow. In this article, we recommend multiple solutions of the problems in an efficient manner. In the following section, we will discuss multiple ways to overcome Outlook hangs on loading profile or startup issue.

Multiple Ways to Solve Outlook Stuck at Loading Profile 

Most of the users are using Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 & older versions; the application gets damaged or corrupted. There must be a need to overcome this Outlook frozen at loading profile issue by using several ways. There are several solutions to resolve this issue/bug as mention below. The users will follow these steps during crashes or hangs repeatedly while loading Outlook users profile:

Method 1: Rename Outlook PST Files

In case if Outlook unable to allow users to rename their .pst file, that means whether MS Outlook is still using it or may be users have any indexing application installed in their Computer system. Thus, with Outlook, users need to kill their indexing software too. After doing this, try to rename the .pst file and then, check if Outlook opens. If it does, that indicates users Outlook Personal folder file (.pst) got damaged. So, first users have to repair corrupt PST file using SCANPST.EXE which is a free tool developed by Microsoft. 

Method 2: Performing Shortcut key to Resolve Issue

1. Press Windows Key + X and then, select Command Prompt option
2.  After that, type the following command and press enter:
3. Now, restart the Desktop. In last, Outlook 2013 profile should open without any issue.

Method 3: Problem with Profiles/Accounts

Sometimes, loading profile issue also happens because of conflict with account and profile corruption. To solve this issue, follow below steps:

1. First of all, You must open Outlook 2016 in safe mode. For performing these below steps.
2. Press Windows logo and R Key on the keyboard. After that, open the Run command dialog box
3. Now, enter outlook.exe/safe and then, click Enter key to open Outlook 2016.

Note: Make sure to add space between outlook.exe and /safe. Else you will get Windows unable to find outlook.exe /safe. Surely, you must enter the name correctly and then, move to further step.

4. In case, when you can view the Choose Profile option then, select the suitable profile(if you have multiple accounts) and after this press OK button.

Now, Outlook 2016 should be opened without hanging while loading the profile.

5. Next, close the Outlook program. Now again, start the Outlook program normally. The program must start without any kind of issue.

If your Outlook does not open in safe mode, you need to create a new profile in Outlook.

Method 4:  SonicWall VPN Software

If you have installed Virtual Private Network(VPN) software, either uninstall them or even remove the application from startup Windows and then, restart your Computer system. If VPN software’s are the offender, disabling their automatic startup or uninstall them to resolve the issue.

Method 5:  Without Installing VPN Software
In case, if you are working in a corporate world where uninstalling a VPN service is not capable and open the Outlook account in safe mode performs well, that means add-ins from VPN software creates the trouble for users. So, users need to run the following command:

If MS Outlook works perfectly after running the first command, let it be or even try another command. Any of the ones must work for you and gives the better result. But running the second command, it will take a while before Outlook might open successfully.

Method 6: For Windows 7 & 8 Users
1. First, need to open Run command by clicking Windows Key + R shortcut. Now type the following:
2. After that, press Enter. Locate “Desktop Window Manager Session Manager” and double-click on it.
3. Now, change the startup type from Automatic to Disabled.
4. Next, restart your Desktop. Finally, Outlook 2013 Should be opened.

Method 7: Kill Task Manager
1. First, kill the “Desktop Windows Manager” from Task Manager.

2. For Windows 7 & 8 users, follow the above solution 6.
3. Now, open Microsoft Outlook account and verify. 

Method 8: Sometimes hardware acceleration can cause the issue. Need to open MS Outlook in safe mode as discussed in solution 3 and go to file >> choose Options >> Advanced.
After that scroll down to display and mark check on “Disable Hardware Graphics Acceleration”
Now, close Outlook 2013 platform and then, restart your Computer system.

Outlook 2016 or Outlook 2013 is the best desktop-based email client out there for Windows operating system. However, while accessing this application, users face various issues. One such issue is mentioned i.e., the Outlook hangs on loading profile. Therefore, in the above discussion various solutions are discussed to overcome this issue.