I have a post install task running to get the image date of the machine. I thought I would share in case it benefited anyone else. I know the K2 has reports, but if it has been months since that image it sometimes can be a little challenging.

First create your Powershell script. I saved this one as "image_date.ps1".

$file= "C:\ProgramData\Dell\Cust_Logs\image_date.txt"

$path= "C:\ProgramData\Dell\Cust_Logs"

Function imagedate {get-date |out-file $file
if(Test-Path $path)
{mkdir $path|

Get-Content $file |select -Skip 1| Set-Content "$file-temp"

move "$file-temp" $file -Force

Create a post install to run this task.

Create your custom inventory rule.

After the next inventory the image date will show in the custom inventory.