Hello Everyone,

I wanted inform you guys and gals of several product extensions released by Managed Planet for LANDesk & SCCM 2007 that you might find interesting and beneficial in the systems management and application deployment world. There are 6 extensions that enhance the LANDesk platform and currently 1 to enhance SCCM 2007. Please check them out at your own leisure at www.managedplanet.com (just select your product). Feel free to try the fully functional evaluation that you can download immediately off the site. Also there are also 2 LANDesk tools for free. Just so you know I am not a salesmen. Although this account is a new user I am very technical and experienced with the KBOX, LANDesk, & SCCM 2007 and use appdeploy myself...as you guys already know it is a huge resource to us and I wanted to bring these extensions to light. Any tech questions, usage etc please post here.