Hello potential employers or partners.

I would like to introduce myself to you albeit anonymously at this point. I am currently employed in a permanent position and have not as of yet made my intentions to leave known to my employer. I am looking for an organization that will appreciate my unique blend of skills, talents and experience.

I would like to bring my 10 years of industry experience to your organization or your customer's. I have been working with WiseScipt / SMS Installer since 1995 and have been in an active repacking/consulting/training role since 1999.

My experience with Windows Installer began on the day it was released as an Office 2000 installation and deploying it with a transform created with a very early version of Orca. I have either been directly involved with or provided packaging and deployment consulting services for 11 of the companies listed on the Fortune 100 list and many government bodies. My experience does not end there; I have also been to every continent except Africa and Antarctica providing consulting and training services on packaging, deployment and Windows Installer.

I have authored several white papers on packaging and the Windows Installer service. Additionally, I have co-written and developed both instructor-led and online training courses on packaging and virtualization products. I have been a presenter and speaker at Altiris' ManageFusion conference and VSLive!.

I can use any packaging tool on the market, but prefer Wise Package Studio. I am an expert in both the Windows file system and registry and I have dreams about ICE validation and custom action development. My primary deployment experience is in Altiris and SMS, but I am a very fast learner and have an extremely high drive for success.

I am looking for one or a combination of the following if appropriate:

Remote Packaging Services: I will provide remote packaging services for your organization. I have an extremely fast internet connection with secure connections in and out. I will develop and return installation packages to you in a deployment ready state, tested and validated. Ideally we will come to a per-app price which will be a flat fee no matter what application you would like me to package. I must note, I will not sign a non-compete since this type of work is not steady unless you agree to provide a retainer fee at which time I will be exclusively yours.

Team Lead / Manager: I will lead your team of packaging and desktop specialists. I will provide your team with the skills, tools and mentoring to bring them to next level of their capabilities. I am able to almost immediately recognize individual's talents and place them in the right place. If you would like me to fill this position, then I would prefer permanent employment or a long-term contract (12+ months).

Technical Trainer: My training experience is primarily is Systems Management tools and packaging, but I can train on anything. I am very comfortable in front of an audience and I am very capable of keeping the atmosphere engaging and fun at the same time. In this position, I would prefer to be a permanent employee or in the confines of a specific region.

My rates are very reasonable and negotiable. I would very much prefer long-term or permanent employment, unless you would like me to provide remote packaging services. I would consider short-term contracts, but my rates will be higher than standard.

If you would like to contact me, please send an email (InstallGuru@gmail.com). I will send you a proper copy of my resume and an extensive list of references. Thank you for your time and consideration.