Dropbox Deployment Script

Uninstalls* all versions of DropBox and installs latest
* Dropbox does not install for all users, it installs for the installing user, and that
user requires administrative access... this is a problem.
Script uses 7-Zip (installed on all of our machines) to unpack the installer into the
desired destination directory, and then creates the necessary registry entries and
Start Menu shortcut.
Script does not load each registry hive and attempt to uninstall per-user installs.
OS: W8, W7, XP
Arch: x86, x64
Adam Sailer
## Globals
$invoke = split-path -path $myinvocation.mycommand.path -parent
$os = gwmi win32_OperatingSystem
$proc = gwmi win32_Processor
$debug = $false
$dest = $env:ProgramFiles
$key = 'HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall'
if (($proc.AddressWidth -eq 64) -and ($proc.DataWidth -eq 64))
    $dest = ${env:ProgramFiles(x86)}
    $key = 'HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall'     
Function KillApps
    write-host "`n`n@@ Called KillApps" -fore Magenta
    get-process -name *dropbox* | stop-process -force
Function Unpack
    write-host "`n`n@@ Called Unpack" -fore Magenta
    $7z = "$env:ProgramFiles\7-Zip\7z.exe"
    if (!(test-path $7z)) { exit 1 }
    $archives = (dir -path $invoke\setup -recurse -include Dropbox*.exe)
    foreach ($archive in $archives)
        write "Unpacking : `"$archive`""
        $options = "x -o`"$dest\Dropbox`" `"$archive`" -y"
        if (!$debug)
            $process = (Start-Process -FilePath $7z -ArgumentList $options -Wait -Passthru)
            if ($process.ExitCode) { write $process.ExitCode; exit $process.ExitCode }
        else { write $options }
Function Setup
    write-host "`n`n@@ Called Setup" -for Magenta
    $apps = @(dir -path $dest\Dropbox -recurse -include dropbox.exe)
    $path = "$env:AllUsersProfile\Start Menu\Programs"
    foreach ($app in $apps)
        ## $app | select-object *
        $product = $app.VersionInfo.ProductName
        $version = $app.VersionInfo.ProductVersion
        $wshell = New-Object -comObject WScript.Shell
        $link = $wshell.CreateShortcut("$path\$product.lnk")
        $link.Description = $product
        $link.TargetPath = $app
        $link.IconLocation = $app
        if (!$debug) { $link.Save() }
        #### Registry Entries
        $item = "$key\$product"
        new-item -path $key -name $product -force | out-null
        set-itemProperty -path $item -name DisplayIcon -value "$app,0" -force
        set-itemProperty -path $item -name DisplayName -value $product -force
        set-itemProperty -path $item -name DisplayVersion -value $version -force
        set-itemProperty -path $item -name Path_Directory -value "$dest\$product" -force
        set-itemProperty -path $item -name Path_Shortcut -value "$path\$product.lnk" -force
        set-itemProperty -path $item -name Path_Menu -value "$path\$product" -force
        set-itemProperty -path $item -name Publisher -value "$product, Inc." -force
        set-itemProperty -path $item -name UninstallString -value 'Use PowerShell script' -force
        gp $item
Function Uninstall
    write-host "`n`n@@ Called Uninstall" -fore Magenta
    $paths = @(
        ) | where-object { test-path $_ }
    $items = @(dir $paths | % { gp $_.PsPath } | ? { $_.DisplayName -imatch $inp })
    foreach ($item in $items)
        $item | gm | ? { $_.Name -imatch 'Path_' } | % {
            write "Delete : $($item.($_.Name))"
            if (!$debug) { remove-item $item.($_.Name) -recurse -force -ea SilentlyContinue }
        write "Delete : $($item.PSPath)"
        if (!$debug) { remove-item $item.PSPath -force -ea SilentlyContinue }
Uninstall Dropbox


  • Top notch! Saved :) - Erroneus 10 years ago
  • So if I am understanding this, you can use this script in KBOX to depoly as long as you have 7Zip installed? - daveyknits 10 years ago
    • I am not familiar with KBOX, but you should be able to modify this script to call any application that can unpack self-extracting executables and has a command-line interface. In a few minutes here, I'll post my 7-Zip installation script. - amsailer 10 years ago
    • I've posted a new blog entry titled "7-Zip Deployment Script". - amsailer 10 years ago
  • KBOX- Dell KACE - daveyknits 10 years ago
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