Google earth is an awesome program that can let you zip around the world in seconds. Down the bottom I have supplied the MSI+MST for download.


Google Earth EXE
InstedIt or Orca

Direct EXEdownload link

Google Earth 7.2 (24.2MB)

InstEd (4.38MB)

7-Zip 9.20 (1.07MB)


First download and install 7-Zip. Then once the Google Earth .exe has been downloaded, right click on it, 7-Zip > Extract to “GoogleEarthWin\”

In the extracted GoogleEarthWin\ delete everything apart from:


Folder – LocalAppData
Folder - program files
File – 1033.mst
File – Google Earth.msi
File – Setup.ini

Transforms that need to be made:

Once downloaded all that needs to be changed is to disable updates/pop-ups for updates.

Using a program such as Orca or InstEd ( edit the Property table to have the following (Right click > InstEd It!):


AgreeToLicense = Yes
ProductLanguage = 1033


Within InstEd, on the menu, click Tables > Summary Info...
Under 'Languages:' clear out everything, but leave 1033
Then click File > Save

Remove Shortcuts

If you don't want a desktop shortcut, go to the Shortcut table and delete (right click > Delete Row(s)) “googleearth.exe1”

If you don't want an uninstall Start Menu shortcut, go to the Shortcut table and delete (right click > Delete Row(s)) “UNINST_Uninstall_Google_Earth11” and “UNINST_Uninstall_Google_Earth1”

Apply the Policy

Once that’s all done and you’ve generated/saved your Transform to the network shared "Google Earth" folder, load up Microsoft’s Group Policy Management console and right click on the Organisational Unit (OU) that you’ve added your network computers to and select “Create a GPO…”

Name the policy “Google Earth” or whatever you would like it to be named, then under: “Computer Configuration – Policies – Software Settings – Software Installation”

right click in the right hand window, or on the software installation icon and choose “New… - Package”. Find the "Google Earth" folder you put on your server and select the .MSI and choose “Advanced” as the deployment method.

Once the panel opens up, go to the Modifications tab and select Add. Locate your Transform and click Ok. The package will now be loaded into MS GPO and you can exit out of the window as it is already saved.


Direct MSI+MST Download: