I was tasked with creating a script that would select 10 random tickets and would email the submitter of those tickets a link to a custom 3rd party customer satisfaction survey that they could take.  I just wanted to share this script with the community.  

I based the script on python and to run the script as a scheduled task on a Windows Server every 30 days.  

#Start of script
#Import Libraries into script.
import MySQLdb                                           #MySQL needed for connection to K1000
import smtplib                                              #SMTPLIB needed to send email to submitter of tickets
import datetime                                            #datetime needed for log file
#Create connection to K1000
db = MySQLdb.connect(
                                   host="",             # IP of K1000
                                   user="R1",                              # K1000 Username. Located in Settings->General Settings->Report Username
                                   passwd="k1000password",       # Password for K1000 user Located in Settings->General Settings->Report User Password
                                   db="ORG1"                             # Name of the database on K1000 Located in Settings->General Settings->Database Name
#Create cursor object. Needed for Database creation
cur = db.cursor()
#SQL Query that grabs 10 tickets at random that have been closed in the past 30 days.
                  FROM USER
                  WHERE HD_TICKET.TIME_CLOSED > date_sub(NOW(), INTERVAL 30 DAY)
                  Order by RAND()
                  Limit 10
#Create today date for log file
today = datetime.date.today()
#Write log file of what is in the cursor object
logfile = open("C:\Customer_Survey_" + str(today) + ".log","a")
#For each row in the cursor object, add an entire in a log file and email the submitter of the ticket
for row in cur.fetchall():
     Email = str(row[1])
     Ticket_ID = str(row[2])
     logfile_entries = (Email,Ticket_ID)
     Name = str(row[0])
     Email = str(row[1])
     Ticket_ID = str(row[2])
     Ticket_Title = str(row[3])
     TO = Email
     SUBJECT = "Customer Survey"
     TEXT = """
                  Your ticket "%s" was closed within the past 30 days.
                  You may review your ticket here http://itsupport/userui/ticket?ID=%s
                  Please take some time to complete our customer satisfaction survey.

                  Thank you,
                  Your IT Team
                  """ % (Ticket_Title, Ticket_ID)
     #SMTP Credentials
     SMTP_sender = "john.doe@email.com"
     #Create Connection with mail relay server
     server = smtplib.SMTP()
     BODY = '\r\n'.join([
               'To: %s' % TO,
               'From: %s' % SMTP_sender,
               'Subject: %s ' % SUBJECT,

     server.sendmail(SMTP_sender, [TO], BODY)

I hope this helps someone in the furture when it comes to sending out random customer surveys.