At the command prompt, type the following for a list of functions and examples...

rundll32 printui.dll,PrintUIEntry /?

Usage: rundll32 printui.dll,PrintUIEntry [options] [@commandfile]

/a[file] binary file name

/b[name] base printer name

/c[name] unc machine name if the action is on a remote machine

/dl delete local printer

/dn delete network printer connection

/dd delete printer driver

/e display printing preferences

/f[file] either inf file or output file

/ga add per machine printer connections

/ge enum per machine printer connections

/gd delete per machine printer connections

/h[arch] driver architecture one of the following, Alpha | Intel | IA64

/ia install printer driver using inf file

/id install printer driver using add printer driver wizard

/if install printer using inf file

/ii install printer using add printer wizard with an inf file

/il install printer using add printer wizard

/in add network printer connection

/j[provider] print provider name

/k print test page to specified printer, cannot be combined with command when installing a printer

/l[path] printer driver source path

/m[model] printer driver model name

/n[name] printer name

/o display printer queue view

/p display printer properties

/q quiet mode, do not display error messages

/r[port] port name

/s display server properties

/Ss Store printer settings into a file

/Sr Restore printer settings from a file

Store or restore printer settings option flags that must be placed at the end of command:



c Color Profile

d PrinterData

s Security descriptor

g Global DevMode

m Minimal settings

u User DevMode

r Resolve name conflicts

f Force name

p Resolve port

/u use the existing printer driver if it's already installed

/t[#] zero based index page to start on

/v[version] driver version one of the following, Windows 95, 98 and Me | Windows NT 4.0 | Windows NT 4.0 or 2000 | Windows 2000 or XP | Windows XP

/w prompt the user for a driver if specified driver is not found in the inf

/y set printer as the default

/Xg get printer settings

/Xs set printer settings

/z do not auto share this printer

/Y do not auto generate a printer name

/K changes the meaning of /v and /h to accept 0,1,2,3, respectively Windows IA64 | Windows NT x86 | Windows NT Alpha_AXP | Windows 4.0

/Z share this printer, can only be used with the /if option

/? help this message

@[file] command line argument file

/Mw[message] show a warning message before committing the command

/Mq[message] show a confirmation message before committing the command

/W[flags] specifies flags and switches for the wizards (for APW & APDW)

r make the wizards to be restart-able from the last page

/G[flags] specifies global flags and switches

w suppress setup driver warnings UI (super quiet mode)