AppDeploy Repackager Known Issues

The AppDeploy Repackager focuses solely on file and registry entries; setups that rely on items such as device drivers, services, environment variables, etc. may fail. 

  • We have seen the AppDeploy Repackager crash on systems with a very large registry (over 300mb). However, it is not recommended that you repackage on a system that contains other applications so this situation should not be encountered (but is being investigated).

Issues will be updated here as they are reported and confirmed.

Warning: Due to updates in the way package data is referenced, XML project files created prior to version 1.0 (Beta 2) are incompatible with current releases.


1.2 (02/05/10)

  • Wizard window now resizable (controls only resize on relevant windows-- those with treeviews)
  • Filling in description for excluded items is now optional (and can be suppressed)
  • In registry view tooltips now show the values included when hovering over a subkey
  • Enhanced the error logging capability - The registry related errors logged in the file C:\ErrorLog.txt were not proper i.e. the message did not correctly indicate the error in accessing the key this bug is fixed. Also error logging for MSI database creation is also now properly formatted. It will now dump the Table name and the actual query that has failed.
  • Other minor UI improvements
  • Fix: Issue reported where packages would not deploy via GPO
  • Fix: MSI deployment was failing due to missing elements in the MSI database (Error 2905)
  • Fix: Files changed in the root of the drive were not properly included in resulting package
  • Fix: Folder specified in the Defaultincludeexclude.xml are not excluded (in the Package Content Review - File Selection page) - The File Enumeration logic had a bug i.e. the even if certain folder was specified in the excluded section of DefaultIncludeExcludeList.xml file, the folder was appearing in the included list after taking the folder differences. This problem is highlighted for setups writing to the folder C:\windows\winsxs. In Windows Vista even administrators do not have rights to write in this folder.
  • Fix: Next page would sometimes automatically appear while taking first or second snap - While taking first and second snapshot sometimes it is observed that the next page automatically appears while still taking the snapshot. (This is reproduced always in the Debug Build and rarely reproduced in the release build.)
  • Fix: Spaces removed from product name, manufacturer name and version - Spaces needed to be removed from the end of these entries, not from the entire values. This has been corrected.
  • Fix: Replacement of invalid characters in component names - Only valid chars are used in names to avoid errors

1.1 (01/08/09)

  • Removed all unnecessary tables from the blank.msi file
  • Crash of the repackager is fixed
  • Terminology update: Reference of "Project file" changed to "Recipe file"
  • Crash on closing of advance options screen using Alt+F4 and Shift+Alt+F4 is fixed
  • At least one executable must be selected for shortcut creation
  • Removed default selection of Quick launch shortcut and added warning of repair requrement if selected

1.0 (11/15/08)

  • Fix for issue related with automatic selection of identical registry entries in linked hives
  • Fix for issue where repackager is trying to write to a full SID user path in the registry and failing.
  • User can check and exclude more than one item from content review screens
  • All excluded items are retained for future use in default exclusion list

1.0 Beta 2 (11/03/08)

  • Updated check for administrative rights check on local system
  • Shortcut icon selections are restricted to local files, or an external ICO file (which is then encoded within the project file)
  • On Windows Vista systems, UAC prompt will be displayed upon launch to ensure proper permissions are available.
  • Detection of Windows Installer setups
    •  While launching the setup if Repackager detects that it is an MSI setup then Repackager will prompt a message to user and provide him option to [Quit] or [Ignore and Continue].
  • Browse button provided for target path selection
  • Several UI updates

1.0 Beta 1 (10/08/08)

  • Added INI file entry support
  • Ability to specify shortcut icons has been added
  • Enhanced exclusion list functionality
  • Several UI updates and improved inline documentation
  • Bug fixes

1.0 Alpha (09/11/08)

  • Initial release


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