Obtain the custom action browseforfile dialog box

1. Obtain the BrowseForFile custom DLL and Dialog Instructions from either http://www.installsite.org/pages/en/...#FileBrowseMSI or http://www.installsite.org/files/iswi/BrowseForFile.zip NOTE : You do not need to compile your own .DLL as it is included in the zip

2. Follow the instruction included in the zip to add the custom action to your install

3. Once you have the [PATHTOFILE] property, note uppercase, being populated you can move onto the next stage of copying the file stored in the property during the installation

Create a new vbscript custom action

1. Right click on Custom Action

2. Select “New VBScript” and then “Stored in custom action”

3. Call the action “CopyFile”

4. Set the “Return Processing” to “Synchronous (Ignores exit code)”

5. Set the “In-script Execution” to “Deferred”

6. Set the “Install Exec Sequence” to “After InstallFiles”

7. Add the following code into the Script tab ensuring that the install path has a \ at the end of the statement for example, : fso.CopyFile Session.Property("CustomActionData"), c:\temp\”

dim fso

set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")

fso.CopyFile Session.Property("CustomActionData"), "[Install Path]”

Create a new type 51 custom action

1. Right click on Custom Action

2. Select “New set property”

3. Call the action “MakeItPublic”

4. Set the “Property Name” to “CopyFile”

5. Set the “Property Value” to “[PATHTOFILE]”

6. Ensure “Execution Scheduling” is set

to “Always Execute”

7. Set “Install Exec Sequence” to “After LaunchConditions”

Create a new property

1. Using either the Direct Edit view or Property view add a new property called “CopyFile”

2. Set the value to “[PATHTOFILE]”

Test the modifications to your MSI and it should now enable you to select a file in the custom dialog and get that file to copy to a destination that you specified in the VBScript.

If anyone notices any problems or the notes dont work for some reason the let me know and ill correct any mistakes!!!!

Hope they help!