As a novice Sys Adim I have rellized I don't know jack.  The good thing i work at a compnay that is allwoing me to learn as I go.  There is so much that I wnat to know now, and I just can't cram it all in.  I also at this stage in my sys admin learning, have to squish my wnating to knwo how evething working in deitl to just get it working and figure it out later.    Later on this monring i will be heading to the SAVMUG group.  I really can't wiat, i need to learn this VM stuff but i als kind of feel gulity cause there is so much to do here in the office.  I guess it wil always like that and being a Sys Admin is kind a double edge sword.  There is also was going to be somethign to do and something you need to learn.  At least at the VMUG i will get to eat something and learn something.


Keeping IT  real.