1. sys\cmd.exe” mit Parameter “/c ”xcopy \\***SERVER***\mdtbuildlab$\Applications\sap guilogon\sapqe4_ini\saplogon.ini %userprofile%\appdata\roaming\sap\common\ /e /c /y“” starten.


what the hell is wrong with this script?

the kace send it but nothing happend....but manually its works perfect..o_O wtf?

Answer Summary:
create a online script, upload the file, run as logged in user from the kace dependancy directory
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you are making your life hard.  create a online script, upload the file, run as logged in user from the kace dependancy directory

Answered 11/29/2012 by: SMal.tmcc
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  • thx to you too and the pic ;)
  • running it as anything but the user makes the user type varibles useless
    for a list of varibles see
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Answered 11/30/2012 by: blackbyte
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What user are you running the script as? By default it will run as system which probably doesn't have access to network resources. 

Answered 11/29/2012 by: chucksteel
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  • runas administrator... -_-
  • XX
  • Administrator won't have access to the network, most likely. Also, the %userprofile% environment variable will be the administrator profile, which probably isn't where you want the file to go. Try changing the script to an online kscript and setting the run as option to run as the logged in user.
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I tried this before, but then I just straight gave up. Might work for you.

The current workaround would to pre append the start /wait command in front of the xcopy command.

For example:
xcopy \\printsvr\installs\ABC c:\Drivers\ABC\

Use the following instead:
start /wait xcopy \\printsvr\installs\ABC c:\Drivers\ABC\


Answered 11/29/2012 by: gcarpenter
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  • Ahem brother...
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Running the script as the user is likely the solution here. We might need more info to be more helpful though, Like what OS are you running this against, what server and agent version, post the XML from your script.

As an alternate option- Any reason you couldn't use file sync?

Answered 11/29/2012 by: cblake
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