First off, let me just thanks ahead of time for any help I receive. I've just started a new position and our company purchased wps 7 professional (one license)and was looking for some advice. I am going to be the only tech packaging at our company.

How I wanted to install this setup was on one pc. I have a pc setup with two partitions (c: is 15gb and d: (ntfs) is 65gb). I have winxp sp2 on c: with all the latest servicepacks and msde installed. I installed wps 7 on c: and created a share on d:. What I would like to do is create a ghost backup of c: drive and after each package creation I just restore the ghost image to get ready for the next package creation.


Has anyone setup wps like this before and how did it work? problems? pitfalls?
Should I setup or map the share in a particular manner or should I create it directly on the c: drive and create the ghost image with the share included?

Any help is appreciated and I will definitely contribute information as I become familiar with the process....thanks again..Eric
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Check the Getting Started Guide for Installation and Configuration Best Practices.
I've never worked on an installation like you mentioned but always with a dedicated server.

You're lucky, with Wise Package Studio 7 (Service Pack 1 is out now) there's a new technology included: the Altiris Software Virtualization Solution. This lets you do an installation into a virtual layer and after packaging you just delete the layer and you have a clean machine already without ghosting, staging or else...

Good luck

Answered 10/20/2006 by: rpfenninger
Second Degree Green Belt

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Thanks for the response! Like I said, a complete newbie to this software and packaging in general besides using vendor packaging tools/included utilities. So I guess with this svs technology, I can actually leave the share directly on the root considering I won't have to rebuild the box and just build all my apps in a virtual layer and then delete them.

Again, as I said, I appreciate the help and welcome any ideas, especially if you in the same position as I am (one packager for an environment, stand alone system). I'm taking a wps instructor led class at the end of Jan,07, but hoping to become proficient before hand.

thanks again...
Answered 10/20/2006 by: ecrump1969
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OK, I found my fix...

original issue was that if I wasn't connected to the network, it wouldn't map correctly to the wise sharepoint for the databases. Would work without issue when connected (didn't make sense to me considering this system never was connect to a domain and a local user acct with admin rights was used to install wps 7.0 server locally.

I created a batch file "subst w: d:\" and placed it in the startup folder. once rebooted and pointed to w: drive for the share, it connected without issue and network connectivity.

Since I am the only one using the software and I have this installed on a laptop, I wanted to be able to work with this on weekends if needed (get a life huh?).
Answered 10/23/2006 by: ecrump1969
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I have been creating and testing application packages with Wise Pacakge Studio for 5 years and have been to both the packaging with Wise class and the Advanced packaging with Wise class.

The one thing I will tell you, is verify with the Altiris sign up person for the class is that this instructor HAS been in the field as a Consultant using Wise Package Studio for atleast 2-3 years. I have heard many stories form Companies that hired me to come onsite and train their employees on advanced packaging with Wise is that the instructor they sent one person to for a test was book smart, read right of the guide and could not answer basic questions. DO NOT waste your time and or money if this person has no real world experience.

For my course I not only trained on installation and configuration Wise Package Studio and the Wise Share Point, but the following tools Altiris classes never go over:

InstallShield Tuner for Acrobat to create Transforms (this tool is free on Adobe website and recomended by Adobe)

Microsoft Office 2003 Resource Kit to create Transforms for ALL Microsoft Office applications and any other Micorosoft applications that are MSI.

Microsoft Active Setup (this tool is included in Windoiws XP) and works greate to create, update or delete HKCU keys that need to be written for each User that logs into that Computer. This tool is very handy for applications already in Porduction like Acrobat, Quicktime and Java to turn off the auto updates and remove the desktop of tool bar icons.

RegMon and FileMon (this is covered very little in the Wise Classes) and is used to find Access Denied rights for locked down environments. Then you know where to add these Registry or File rights in you packages.

By the way, you can get the link to using Active Setup, the download link to InstallShiled Tuner for Acrobat and the download link to the Microsoft Office 2003 Resource Kit on my site below.


Wise Packager
Answered 10/24/2006 by: kj_95376
Senior Yellow Belt

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Thanks for the info. WPS seems like it will be a fun ride. I am familiar with all the tools you mentioned and have used them successfully. WPS is going to be a little bit of challenge due to the fact no one in our it dept has ever used it. I do appreciate the filemon and regmon info...I'll definitely keep that in mind when I run into issues. When would you actually use them? on the system your pushing the package too (if your having installation issues)?

I will also inquire with altiris who is running the class. That was a concern with me to begin with. I don't need someone to show me how to use the tools, I need someone who's going to be able to show me how to get past barriers.

Again thank you everyone for the help...
Answered 10/24/2006 by: ecrump1969
Yellow Belt

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