The quickie way to append an article from the KB to the ticket leaves me with a jumbled mess of formatting around the text.  Is this working as intended?  (Thus, are we supposed to shy away from MARKDOWN in KB just so we can append it to tickets?)

Or is there a way to turn on HTML within tickets so this appendment works smoothly?

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Does it go away when you save? I know it may display the html in the comment box, but I'd think once it's saved it would display as intended.

Answered 04/17/2013 by: GeekSoldier
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  • Kurtis Cochrane - 04/17/2013 08:43:33
    Owners Only:
    <P><font size="8" color="red">Apprise is down!</font></p>
    <P><font size="8" color="blue">Email might be down also</font></P>
    <p><blink><font size="12" color="green">This is Green text!</font></P>

    Above is a copy/paste of what shows in the comment section of the ticket after saving.
    • I wasn't sure if that would work or not. I had thought the browser would pick it up as part of the page, but apparently it doesn't. One thing I do is write my KBs in notepad or another basic text editor and paste them into new KB articles. I know this way works and I don't have to fuss with it. If you want to see this work better I'd contact KACE support and/or log it as a feature request on Uservoice.
  • Well kind of seems COMPLETELY useless to have the ability to make HTML knowledge base articles and the appendment system if they aren't going to properly match eachother. I could just link the person to the KB article but defeats the purpose.
    • I totally agree. It makes me wonder if they have a patch to fix it. Did you recently upgrade to K1000 5.4 SP1? If you haven't I would recommend doing so.
  • When the KACE project fell into my lap, the appending system was completely broken. If I clicked on a KB article from the drop down, nothing at all appeared, ZILCH. Contacted KACE and got a patch and now it appends what I have pasted on this thread. It's being looked into, but was attempting to attack this problem from a different angle and see if I missed something truly elementary that they are not even thinking about because "How could he have missed that check box somewhere?!"
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