We just updated the K1000 to 6.2. Most of the agents in our environment were 5.5, but we have a few 5.1 agents out there that were never updated. Now they cannot communicate with the 6.2 server so I cannot run a script to uninstall the old agent. If I try to provision the new agent to these machines, the uninstall of the old agent fails. If I am sitting at the machine, I can run the kinstaller.exe to do the uninstall, but that will take forever if I have to track down the location of each of these machines. Any suggestions? Is there a way in provisioning to run the uninstaller for the old agent? I know it works for 5.3, 5.4, and 5.5, but 5.1 uses a different uninstall string I think.
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  • Once you get the uninstall string you could script the uninstall then use a login script or Active Directory to uninstall.
    • It should be in the K1000's Software Inventory for that agent version.
  • I know the uninstall string, but agent 5.1 cannot communicate with server 6.2 so I cannot send a script. How could I create a login script for a device that hasn't been able to check in since the update?
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