I'd like to meter the piece of software called "Alice" (free from alice.org).  However, I don't find it listed in any of the three tabs...  Discovered, Not Discovered or Uncataloged.  If it was in Uncataloged I could just send the information to Kace to have them add it to Discovered...  But without finding it in Uncataloged, I'm not sure how to even find it.

The Software tab finds it named "Alice Application" and shows 47 machines it's installed on.


Carl Sundermann

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  • Anyone have any ideas on this? I've found other pieces of software that I want to meter that do the same thing:

    - Personal Financial Planner by McGraw-Hill / Irwin
    - MT5 with CheckPro for C21, 9e - Individual by Cengage (also known as "Microtype")
    - Virtual Business - Sports by Knowledge Matters, Inc.

    Same scenario... They appear in the "Software" tab as the titles above, but they are no where to be found in the "Software Catalog" tabs, so I don't know what I can do to get them added to the catalog.

    Any help would be good... Thanks!
  • Just wondering if you found a solution as I have the same issue...
  • I did not come across a solution. In fact, a week or so ago, I actually went the opposite direction and turned off Metering all together.. I was having random slowness issues with the service. See that thread here:

    It seems their execution of the Metering didn't really go over well. Maybe there are improvements in 6.0 whenever that comes out.
    • We also disabled metering due to the issues with the service. There is a way to meter software not in the catalog, however. You need to first add it to the local catalog. See the Administrator Guide, Managing Software Catalog Inventory, About adding applications to the local catalog.
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