I'm not new to the K2 but I am new to USMT.  I decided to start using USMT to capture user profiles so that I can then deploy an image to a new machine and have the user's profile deployed along with it as documented in K2 documentation.

The problem I experienced is that I noticed upon capturing the user profile that it was 8GB in size.  I looked at the source workstation and the profile is only 3.6MB in size.  I captured this from a Windows 7 machine and deployed it to another Windows 7 machine.  When I finished the deployment and checked the machine I noticed right away what it did.

It captured the majority of the D partition on the source machine which has lots of data that I didn't specify or want captured.  I selected the option to scan all profiles and exclude everything but the user profile that I wanted.  That part worked fine, but on top of capturing the user profile from the C partition it also captured the D partition.

How can this be prevented?

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you need to create a USMT scan template and modify your xml files (migapp.xml, miguser.xml) to aquire only what you want.

also this blog may help you


Answered 05/23/2014 by: SMal.tmcc
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  • I did use the USMT Scan Template and selected the option to capture only local files and only the profile that I wanted which it worked in a way because I have the profile uploaded to my K2 successfully but the problem is that it copied way too much and files on the other partition when all I wanted is the profile folders. As for modifying the xml files are you referring to the option to download the file from the K2, make edits, then re-upload? As for the blog you posted, it really covers a different scenario and it's overly complicated and assumes using USMT differently than how you use it with K2. I want to use it with K2 as designed but thanks for the reply with more info.
    • you can add your own custom xml files to the templates.
      • Ok, I've heard others saying this on the forum, but is it not possible to do this using K2 and USMT? Most of my workstations only have one partition, so it's not a major issue but I do have a small amount that have multiple drives and I find it hard to believe that this doesn't work out of the box.
      • by default Microsoft has usmt scan the computer and all drives for files to migrate
      • Then why does the K2 give us the option to exclude profiles and select a variety of options on what we want scanned? I guess that's a question for KACE support which I will ask and I'll continue researching this to find a solution out of the box. Later when I have more time I'll consider a custom approach...thanks
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