The logo is 224x50 pixels, and .png format. From what I can tell, it should display just fine. Instead it shows a small box appearing as though it failed to load the image and says "Dell K1000 Logo". After you login to the User Console, the image displays properly in the top left of the window. The image did display before updating to K1000 version 7.0.121306. Any one else experience this issue? We are using Internet Explorer 11 in our environment. For grins, I've tested with Google Chrome and is displays the same behavior.
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This worked! Under the Admin Console I went to Settings, Security Settings, at the bottom unchecked "Secure Service Desk Attachments". The logo now displays.
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  • I just upgraded to version 7.2 and we are still having our custom logo not appear on the user console page. Still seeing Quest. Tried the check box mentioned here but that didnt change anything. I re-uploaded the file (png) and restarted the box but nothing has changed. We also have 2 KBox (PROD and Dev) and the Dev box is working as expect and the setting for both are mirroring each other. Has anyone found a finial solution?
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This worked!

Under the Admin Console I went to Settings, Security Settings, at the bottom unchecked "Secure Service Desk Attachments". The logo now displays.

Answered 03/03/2017 by: csninja
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This is bug in the new version. I created a ticket with quest and here is the response.



Thank you for contacting Quest, I have taken ownership ofyour Service Request Number ......... - User Console Logo Broken. After taking alook to the attached image, I can confirm that you are impacted by the defectK1-19092.


Our product management team reviews enhancement requestsconsidering them for inclusion in a future product release. We will keep yourservice request open until a decision has been made regarding your request.There is no guarantee that a specific enhancement request will be implementedin a future release and you will receive updates regarding the status of yourrequest.


Please refer to the "New Features" section ofthe Product Release Notes for a complete list of Enhancement ID's addressed inthe new release. These are available in our Documentation section of theSupport Portal.


For more information regarding our enhancement requestpolicy, refer to our Global Support Guide on the Support Portal



Thank you,

Answered 03/03/2017 by: kayroocs
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  • Alright... Thank you... Rather disappointing they classify fixing their bug as an "enhancement".
    • Lol welcome to Quest.
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Please clear browser cache and try again
Answered 03/02/2017 by: AbhayR
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  • Just tried it, but still failed.
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Its a bug... I had this happen to me when I upgraded to 6.4 SP3 and seems like has not been resolved in 7.0 either, if you are experiencing it.
Answered 03/02/2017 by: bozadmin
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  • Aww... That's unfortunate if that is the case...
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This is still a problem from what I can tell and this is even after I clear the checkbox about Service Desk Attachments.  We get a giant Quest logo on our users console page when they login.   I have cleared out all the existing custom logos we had, restarted the K1000 server, then reloaded them, making sure they were the PNG versions.  
Still, all I get is the Quest logo on our user page.  
I have cleared cache, run incognito, diffrent browsers.  In all cases we are stuck with a huge Quest logo on our user login page.
I am running the KACE virtual appliance on our vMWare eSx.  Running version: - 7.1.149
Answered 07/29/2017 by: davidgrand
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