I have create label for each software deployment on my k1000.
I have create group labels, for create pack of softwares.
Is it possible to assign a group label on a computer ?

I use K1000 ver 6.3

Thanks for your reply

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Everything you need to know is in here:

Answered 03/16/2015 by: rockhead44
Red Belt

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Short answer. You can't use label groups as targets. They are just for organization only.  You can create a smart label that looks for other labels and group them together to another smart label but not a label group. 

Label Name Contains Desktop OR
Label Name Contains Laptop OR
Label Name Contains Office A

Answered 03/16/2015 by: nshah
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Ok, labels groups is just for organization.
My problem is i have a lot of software common on each computer, and when i have a new computer i would like to assign just one label for deploy all software.
(At the moment I created a label for each software)

Second solution, i create a new label (commun pack X86 for exemple) and i assign this label on all software or have you an other solution ?

Answered 03/16/2015 by: gjoubert
Senior Purple Belt

  • but you can assign label to more software packages. e.g. "Default Software" and let it assign via Smart Label.
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