I've tried googling this but I've yet to find the answer.

I have an AppV-5 application configured in SCCM 2012, it installs and uninstalls with no problem. I need to know if there is a way of refreshing it when I make a minor change to it's associated DeploymentConfig.xml file. I've updated the source and then I've deleted and recreated the Install deployment but that doesn't initiate anything on the clients, I believe that with SCCM 2012 the clients just see they have the application already installed and don't then do anything ?

I understand that I can send an uninstall to them and then the install again but that is just not an option if you have an application going to say 1000 machines, I mean when would you stop sending the uninstall and move them into the install collection? You'd end up with machines off the network (not running the uninstall) then joining the network and seeing themselves back in the install group and not doing anything. Unless I'm mistaken about something ?




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In SCCM 2012 we have a option to update the content.

In deployment types tab select application entry you will see the "Update Content" option click on it, it will open the wizard, browse the .appv file and follow the rest instructions next --> next. finish.

Answered 07/17/2014 by: pratikpawar
Senior Yellow Belt

  • Thanks for the reply. That is only relevant if the .appv file has changed though isnt it ? I tried browsing to the .appv file (which hadnt been changed) and it didnt appear to reimport the xml files. I've also kicked off a machine/application policy update on the client and the files in the sccm cache remain the same.
    I'll try it again but this time make a slight change to the .appv file, maybe that will initiate an upgrade to the package on the client....
    • No its not like that even your .appv file is unchanged it will reflect the changes of XML file.

      Which deployment option you have selected ?
      is it stream or download locally ?
      • What you are saying and what I'm seeing then are two different things. Nothing is happening on the client to initiate an upgrade to the APPV5 application using an updated deploymentconfig xml file even when I update the content like you suggest.
        I'm using the Download Content and Run Locally option if that makes a difference ?
  • you mean you want the dialog box should appear on the client saying upgrade the application.
    With "update content" it will just reflect the changes to the application on the client without any prompt. we use the stream option and appsense environment so to just reflect changes once we update content user have to just log off and back.

    However if you want to show it as a upgrade, you can just create the new application entry in SCCM keep the updated package do the rest things we normally do with applications. And just add updated package entry in "Supersedence" tab of the old package (just right click and properties you will find the tab)
    I haven't try this but you can have a try.,, all the best !!!
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