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I just packaged an HP Printer Driver using the HP Driver Deployment Utility called PARK which generated an unattended EXE file. The package installs through SCCM without any problems but when the printer is plugged in to the USB port, the UAC alert pops up. If I click NO, it goes away and the printer works just fine, the scanner and the printer. But if I unplug the printer and plug it back in, the UAC pop up is back.

Any insight?

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UAC tend to come up when an installation is happening and needs approval. Maybe you need to log in with an administrative role and plug it in, agree to the UAC and then unplug and plug to see if the pop up happens. 

Answered 01/29/2013 by: nshah
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  • The installation complete without any problems. And logging in as administrator is not an option. The package is being deployed though SCCM and the users should be able to install and use it without any issues. So logging in as admin wouldn't resolve the issue. I am looking for a way to suppress the UAC pop up.
  • Is it possible that it is attempting to the load the USB drivers and that is what is causing UAC to pop up? Have you thought about disabling UAC altogether or at least temporarily while the EXE is pushed out?
  • The machines are locked down so much, nothing can be done. I can't even launch CMD as admin.
    • If you can't even do that, then your policies are probably responsible for the UAC popping up on something so trivial. But clicking No and having it still work is what is puzzling to me.
  • And no it can't be the USB because when plugged in, it says "Device driver software installation"
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This is how I resolved it. After the package is installed, I have a vbscript msgbox prompting the user to plug in the printer and since the package is still in system context, the drivers are installed and then the user clicks OK and the installation is complete. No UAC prompts.

Answered 02/05/2013 by: tellmehow
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Plugging in a printer starts plug and play detection wether a driver is already installed or not. Ina locked down network setting this will give you uac prompt. However because the driver is already there the printer will still work. 

You can change this behaviour through gpo

Answered 01/29/2013 by: jdornan
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