So i have an install i need to push out to x86 and x64 bit systems via software distribution from the K1000. I have a batch script in a zipped folder that runs as follows.

@echo off
if defined ProgramFiles(x86) goto AMD64

start /wait "install info goes here"
start /wait REGEDIT.EXE  /S  "file.REG"
goto end
start /wait "install info goes here"
start /wait REGEDT32.EXE  /S  "file.REG"
goto end

exit 0

And a .reg file

--- Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00--- 
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\CMGShield] 

Im running regedt32.exe to try and emulate the instructions below. 

So far my x86 deployments are going just fine, perfect even, but my x64 deployments are still putting regsitry changes in WOW6432. I need them to get back to HKLM/software/windows/windowsnt/winlogon/cmgshield. If i run the .reg from a thumb drive or the desktop its just fine on the x64 machines too. The files still go where they need to be. But when i run everything through software distribution the x64 install breaks. 

I hope this all makes sense. 

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since the client is 32bit it is calling the regedit from the the 32 area.  you can either use the %sysnative% varible or uploading 2 reg files and for the 64 bit use hklm64\software\....
Answered 03/02/2015 by: SMal.tmcc
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  • So just %sysnative% in front of regedt32.exe?
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