Hi all,
I need to know the name SSID that a machine is conected for later run other script if the name is correct.
I got this script from internet that work well for windows xp but not for windows 7 64 bits.
Somebody knows why fail?

'on error resume next
Private Sub GetWMI(WMIArray, WMIQuery)
' On error resume Next
Set WMIClass = GetObject("winmgmts:{impersonationLevel=impersonate}!\\.\root\wmi")

If not(WMIClass is nothing) Then
Set WMIArray = WMIClass.ExecQuery(WMIQuery)

end if
End Sub

Function SSID()
' On error resume Next

Call GetWMI(objMSNdis_80211_ServiceSetIdentifierSet, "Select * from MSNdis_80211_ServiceSetIdentifier Where active=true")

For Each objMSNdis_80211_ServiceSetIdentifier in objMSNdis_80211_ServiceSetIdentifierSet
ID = ""

For i = 0 to objMSNdis_80211_ServiceSetIdentifier.Ndis80211SsId(0)
ID = ID & chr(objMSNdis_80211_ServiceSetIdentifier.Ndis80211SsId(i + 4))


End Function

wscript.echo SSID()
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