I will start off by admitting I know very little about SQL databasing but have been tasked with creating a query that will give a listing of machines that have been decomissioned.  Is there someone that has done something similar or can at least point me in the right direction?  I do have the MySQL workbench setup and connected to the database though not sure quite how to use it and it is a little overwhelming to a SQL novice.  Thank you.



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What kind of database are you attached to, an inventory or asset management system?

Answered 05/03/2012 by: bkelly
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  • I completely spaced adding that. I am attached to a MySQL database in the K1000 appliance.
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I think the biggest issue is how you determine whether a machine is decommissioned. Do your technicians do anything in the inventory to indicate that a machine has been decommissioned? If not, then the only thing you might be able to work with is the last time the machine updated its inventory. 

Answered 05/04/2012 by: chucksteel
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  • When a machine is decommissioned, the date is put into KACE in the decommission field. We just have a lot of field agents whose machines don't always check in so if for some reason that field isn't filled in...then I think there are bigger problems. Will see if I can work with that some more but it will take a lot of sifting through. Thanks for the input though, gives me something to consider!
  • If you have a decommissioned field, then it should be easy to create a report that only shows machines where decommissioned has a date. You should be able to do that with the report wizard.
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