Hello guys, I was wondering from where does K1000 pull information about software usage... ? I'm asking because I've setup k1000 v6 beginning of last week and just yesterday enabled metering for some apps. Today I've seen for one app under "hours used" = 168h...    So, K1000 is monitoring metering information since its first deployment but doesn't give that info until we actually enable metering ??? If that's not it, I've no idea where did so many hours came from... :S
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  • The data is stored in the SAM_METER_DATA table so if you have a tool like MySQL Workbench setup you can look there.
    • Hi Chuck, sry for delayed response... I was on business trip....

      In the menu of considered application says "Metering enabled: 06/26/2014 08:38:59 "... BUT, when I pulled SAM_METER_DATA table out, START_DATE was 2014-06-17 09:09:04... How can you explain that ? Tny
      • I'm honestly not sure. I think there was another post here that showed metering data from before the appliance was even installed, so I can't say how that happened either.
  • I am no KACE expert, but know from SCCM and other that "software metering" tools can be pull (in Windows) from internal sources (for example: registry, prefetch).
    • I think KACE has its own process which is launched when metering is enabled so I presume that measuring starts then...
  • But then those date's are a complete mystery as where they come from...Just read the documentation{ https://www.kace.com/~/media/Files/Support/Documentation/K1000/v60/K1000_AssetManagement.pdf }, KACE uses WMI. So this is basicly the registry, nothing secretly.
  • Can I somehow verify that information with some other tool to pull that from registry?
    Where in registry can I find that metering info?
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